Atlantic Challenge 2023

To raise awareness and provide funding to help people live with dementia, George Nelson and Russell Davis of Team Oar Blimey are rowing 3,500 miles across the Atlantic Ocean

We are aiming to raise £250,000

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The Challenge - 3,500 nautical miles of rowing

Setting off from Portugal in December 2023, Team Oar Blimey will independently and unsupported row across the Atlantic Ocean to Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

To keep the boat moving 24/7, Oar Blimey will take alternating turns at rowing for 2-hours, then resting for 2-hours.

Blisters, salt rashes and sleep deprivation will be the norm for this challenge and every ounce of physical and mental endurance will be required to complete it within 3 months.  

The common link between people living with dementia and rowing across the Atlantic Ocean is……at times, the physical and mental strain will push us to our absolute limits. Because of this…..

 …our Atlantic Challenge 2023 is totally dedicated to people who live with dementia in their lives.