The Crew

In the Rowing Seats

Image 60

George Nelson


Driver for this challenge?

We needed a monumental and stand-out challenge with elements of adventure, risk and excitement to use as a vehicle for helping people to live with dementia.  Because I love the sea and everything about it, rowing across the Atlantic Ocean ticked all the boxes.

Personal Facts:


Chartered Safety, Mining and Mechanical Engineer

Luxury item:

Bean bag – pure comfort!

First meal back:

Chip butty with tomato sauce

Most exciting part:

Seeing whales and dolphins in their natural environments

Worst moment:

Freeing a rope from the underside of the boat in big seas

Image 25

Russ Davis


Driver for this challenge?

I’m very regimented in my routines and I wanted a challenge which would take me outside my comfort zone.  Not being able to control the weather and sea whilst navigating across the Atlantic was mentally and physically challenging. 

Personal Facts:


Long Distance HGV Driver

Luxury item:


First meal back:


Most exciting part:

 Looking at the night sky with zero light pollution

Worst moment:

On deck during a knock-down

Support Crew

Karis Kennedy


As well as studying for her MSc in Psychology, Karis loves Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and is the engine behind our social media and communications.  In this vital role, Karis will be keeping you informed about our campaign, and she will be promoting our sponsors, partners and charity work.  

Lewis Broadbent

Digital Partner

Lewis is the technical expert behind the website and will be ensuring the content is up-to-date.  Finally married in 2022 after postponement due to the pandemic, Lewis is a project manager who has managed over 150 projects ranging from online stores to complex business management systems.

Megan Nelson


Megan loves planning and organising and she’s never without her ‘To-Do-List’.  Megan has a terrific knack for making things happen and she’s thrown herself into Oar Blimey’s outstanding job list

Good job no job’s too big or too small for this girl!

Judda Kirkwood


With a big truck and a big heart, Judda is responsible for directing, coordinating and planning Oar Blimey’s transportation activities. When he’s not performing tricky manoeuvres on wet slipways, he’s riding around on his Harley Davidson motorbike.