£1,000 Raised at The Fox Glove Quiz Night

What an Oarsome Night

BIG SHOUT OUT to Hilary, Tony, Ryan and The Foxglove family for hosting an incredible charity quiz on 27th August. All proceeds were generously donated to Oar Blimey.

And a MASSIVE THANK YOU to family, friends and the amazing local community who came along and took part in the quiz, rock n’ roll bingo and raffle.

You raised a whopping £456!!!


The Fox Glove pub

Oar Blimey Quiz Questions

Why don’t you test yourself with a few of Oar Blimey’s quiz questions and see how well you do?  (Scroll down to the answers – but don’t cheat!)

Q1.      According to the NHS statistics, how many people over the age of 65 in the UK have dementia?

  1. 1 in 11
  2. 1 in 25
  3. 1 in 73
  4. 1 in 100

Q2.      In rowing across the Atlantic Ocean from Sagres in Portugal to the Caribbean Island of Sint Maarten, approximately how many nautical miles will George and Russ actually row if they stick to their planned route?

  1. 1,900
  2. 3,500
  3. 5,300
  4. 7,100

Q3.      Team Oar Blimey’s boat lacks a particular item which could make all the difference to crew comfort; it doesn’t have a toilet!  So think very carefully before you answer this question…..For toilet requirements George and Russ will be okay because….

  1. They’ll be able to hold everything in until they reach Sint Maarten
  2. They’ll burn so many calories rowing, they won’t need a toilet
  3. They’ll hold on very tightly and hang themselves over the side of the boat
  4. They’ll use a bucket

Q4.      Satellite technology will enable Team Oar Blimey to be followed and tracked, either via the specially designed app or on the website.  But what is the name of the tracker device being used?

  1. Amazon Parcel Tracker
  2. YB Tracking
  3. Garmin Explorer
  4. Find my Friend

Here's the Answers

Answer 1  1 in 11

Almost 1 million people in the UK have been diagnosed with dementia which will result in declining brain functionality.

Answer 2  3,500 nautical miles

On leaving Portugal, they’ll head south-west past the coast of North Africa, then they’ll row between the Canary Islands before turning west and rowing directly across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. 

Answer 3 They’ll use a bucket

Answer 4 – YB Tracking

Hopefully you did well.  If you got 2 or more questions correct – well done; you passed!

Further support on the night

We also had several generous donations from our wonderful friends (you know who you are) making a remarkable total of £778.65. This was subsequently rounded up to £800.00 (by the lovely Marie Davis); only to be superseded by the fabulous Kirkwoods (George Kirkwood and Val Kirkwood) taking it to an amazing £1000.00. How very blessed we are!
All in all, a spectacular night of entertainment which provided support to Oar Blimey’s mission of helping people live with dementia. Our target of £250,000 can only be reached by the support of kind hearted and generous people like you.
George giving an overview of the Atlantic Challenge
The boat outside the Fox Glove
Please stay connected by following us and sharing our journey as we take on one of the world’s toughest rows – the Atlantic Ocean.
The next charity quiz event to be hosted by Foxglove will be on Sunday 1 October, with all proceeds going to Spectrum WASP – We Are Special People

Partner with us, sponsor us or simply donate – every bit of your help and support is extremely welcome and will help Oar Blimey complete the Atlantic Challenge and raise funds to help people live with dementia.