4-Eternity – A Song for Dementia

It's a bit of a mixed theme

With our mission focused on helping people live with dementia, we didn’t for one moment think we would have a dedicated chart single written and produced to benefit our cause….but that’s exactly what’s happened.

When my good friend Will Prince, who leads the rock band Trevena, heard about Oar Blimey’s challenge, he immediately wanted to write a song to capture the essence of how dementia impacts a person’s life.  Interestingly, he wanted to mix this theme with a bit of water and rowing to recognise our Atlantic challenge. 

From a scrappy bit of paper to real tears!

Will strumming 4-Eternity's riff

A couple of days later, Will took me into his studio and showed me a scrappy bit of paper with a few words scribbled all over it.  He lifted his guitar and said, “tell me what you think of this?” and ‘be honest”.  As he played the first iteration of 4-eternity, the hairs on the back of my neck suddenly stood up.  I listened to the first few lyrics and vaguely remember Will asking “Do you like the riff?  I wanted it to sound like waves rolling on the sea”, but I couldn’t answer him. 

In that very moment, my mind transported me back to me standing beside my mum and dad on a faraway beach.  I was reminding myself of the effect my mum’s dementia has had on our family and my dad who cares for her unconditionally.  It breaks my heart watching this cruel disease slowly rip the heart and soul out of our family, and Will’s lyrics; “Give me one more crazy day…cos I know I’m slipping away” had me thinking that inside my mum’s heart, she was saying these words to my dad…and at that point, I was having to hold back some real big tears. 

Recording in London

Joe leading the studio banter

It took a few months to finalise the song, and Will would often have me in his studio or sitting in his car listening to the latest version. He wanted to call the song 4-Eternity and in May this year Will said to me “We’re going to the studio in London to record your song” and invited me along.

I met Will’s fellow Trevena band members, Joe (bass & guitar), Scott (drums) and Chris (vocals) who were all super talented musicians.  It was brilliant watching the banter between them; they were just like big kids larking about in a school playground until the recording light came on.  Then the mood quickly changed to a no-nonsense atmosphere where in turn, they worked their magic to produce the final version of 4-Eternity.

The studio was a hive of banter and activity

Mission accomplished for Will

Will said, “I wanted to ensure 4-Eternity encompassed all the feelings and frustrations that dementia provokes” and on reflection, he says “I think the lyrics get across the sheer loneliness and pain this awful disease brings.”

To see this song grow from a concept which was scribbled on a scrappy bit of paper into a professionally produced studio track available to download across all major streaming platforms was an amazing journey, especially when all the proceeds are helping people live with dementia.

Scott on drums

Buy 4-Eternity on CD at Bandcamp or download it from any of the main music streaming platforms.

Check out Trevena’s website here.

Partner with us, sponsor us or simply donate – every bit of your help and support is extremely welcome and will help Oar Blimey complete the Atlantic Challenge and raise funds to help people live with dementia. 

Special Thanks and Recognition

Massive THANKS to Will Prince and Trevena for writing and performing 4-Eternity and gifting the proceeds to Oar Blimey’s charity.  Trevena are awesome!