A Few Distractions and Christmas Parties

A Few Distractions

The past month has been crazy busy for Team Oar Blimey to the detriment of the boat refurbishment work getting done.  

Russ has been trucking around the globe delivering aerospace components; spending lonely nights in his small cab, sometimes he’s been roasting hot and sweating, occasionally he’s been cold and freezing. Psychologically, this environment is preparing Russ for rowing across the Atlantic and he’s consciously focusing on making small spaces more user friendly and ergonomic. 

Jade needing her dad's help

Family duties saw George help his daughter move into her new home.  Moving belongings, painting, decorating and building furniture are all part of the parenthood deal.

George celebrated his 18th wedding anniversary with his beautiful wife Linda.  A long weekend in Windsor and London enabled time to pause from the physical aspects of the boat refurbishment work and allowed time to discuss and consider the overall project and how it interconnects with Team Nelson.  George says, “It’s so important to keep everyone up-to-speed and on-board (no pun intended) with our progress – especially our nearest and dearest who are 100% supportive of our efforts”.

Family Party

Christmas Parties

George and Linda supported Ladybrook Enterprise Ltd by volunteering to help at the Christmas Fair in November.  George ended up in Santa’s grotto and Linda looked after the kettle. Ho Ho Ho.


Our Dementia Choir’s Christmas Ball took place in December.  Team Oar Blimey were there with Ladybrook Enterprise supporting the event.


The family’s annual Christmas party started disastrously when England lost to France in the World Cup quarter finals.  However, normal shenanigans resumed as soon as the karaoke came out.  The reality of Russ and George being somewhere on the Atlantic next Christmas brought a reality to how soon the Atlantic Challenge will be upon us. 

With Christmas behind us now, the guys are refocusing on getting the boat refurbishment back on track and raising money for dementia.  They’re looking to take advantage of the January sales to acquire a few bits of outstanding boat equipment and materials and they’re contacting potential sponsors.

Partner with us, sponsor us or simply donate – every bit of your help and support is extremely welcome and will help Oar Blimey complete the Atlantic Challenge and raise funds to help people live with dementia.