An assembly with St Peter’s Church of England Primary Academy


Tuesday 25th April 2023




St Peter’s Church of England Primary Academy


Bellamy Road, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. NG18 4LN

Oar Blimey had a brilliant afternoon meeting the children, showcasing the boat, and talking to them about the Atlantic Challenge…and Adventure.   

At a whole school assembly organised by Miss Kennedy, George outlined:

  • Why Oar Blimey are rowing across the Atlantic
  • How they are going about it
  • The importance of exercising and eating healthy food – fruit and vegetables
  • The wildlife which they hope to see on the ocean, including whales, sharks, turtles and birds
  • The importance of preventing plastic waste going into the sea 

When George said he would miss MacDonalds on the adventure, he was left speechless when the  children shouted out that “MacDonalds deliver…it’s okay they’ll bring it to you!!!”  Absolutely brilliant…food situation sorted!

Each class visited the boat and asked questions.  George demonstrated how the oars worked and answered questions on cooking, shift patterns, compass use and fishing. He was also given some good advice by the children too….”if a shark comes after you…just punch it on the nose because they don’t like that!”

Even after explaining a bucket is used as a toilet, most of the children wanted to join Oar Blimey on their Atlantic Challenge.  

What an awesome and enjoyable afternoon.  

George explaining the planned route at Assembly
Showcasing the boat and answering questions
Learning about carbon fibre oars