Exciting times….‘Innovation Nottinghamshire MEMORY BOAT’

Too Much Food?

It’s been an exciting and busy time for Team Oar Blimey as they get ready to leave for Portugal in little over a week’s time.

On the practical side, George and Russ have acquired all their food supplies.  As they stood staring and nervously laughing at the sheer volume of food, they were wondering how it would physically fit into the boat.  Russ suggested they should take less and go on smaller rations; others have suggested towing a rubber dingy full of food behind the boat. Maybe they need a bigger boat!


How much food?

Sister's have everything under control

Jackie, Shelly and Marie sorting out the snacks

Whilst the boys were deliberating, sisters Marie, Jackie and Shelly started packing the food and snacks into day portions. They even had scales out weighing the daily allowance of Haribo’s and M&M’s. 

With every bag individually numbered and dated, George had a sneaky peak at Christmas day’s offerings…only to find it’s been double bagged and he can’t see inside it!  Shhhh…there’s a little Christmas treat in there!  

For the first 90 days, George and Russ won’t starve…but they will do if they take longer than 93 days!  

Innovation Nottinghamshire MEMORY BOAT

George met Nick Mellors, founder and director of Innovation Nottinghamshire who was inspired by Oar Blimey’s mission and the Atlantic Challenge.  Nick’s family have first-hand experience of dealing with the impact of dementia.  He understands why we need to make the East Midlands community a centre of dementia excellence, and he knows this can only be achieved by introducing innovative change. 

Although Nick thinks George and Russ are mad for undertaking such an enduring challenge, he was keen to sponsor the boat name.  We are delighted to be calling our boat the ‘Innovation Nottinghamshire MEMORY BOAT’.

 The name was officially made public at the Swing for Dementia ball on Saturday night.

Nick Mellors

Swing for Dementia

Winding the clocks back

Our Dementia Choir kick-started the night with a performance that included a heartfelt poem of support for George and Russ, and a medley of sing-alongs, culminating in a rousing rendition of Sweet Caroline! 

It’s always a joy being in the presence of this amazing choir with their infectious enthusiasm for singing and spreading their love. 

After a sumptuous Kelham Hall dinner, The Easy Rollers took to the stage and swung everyone straight back into the 1920s.

Our Dementia Choir

Will Prince of Trevena band brought the extended video of 4Eternity along which (at my last look) has 267,000 views on YouTube.

By the end of the night, everyone was having a roaring good time, doing the Charleston.  The Easy Rollers finished on a high and had us all swinging along to Oh When the Saints go Marching in…

….and the dancing continued well into the wee hours!!!

What an oar-some night! 

What an oar-some night!

Partner with us, sponsor us or simply donate – every bit of your help and support is extremely welcome and will help Oar Blimey complete the Atlantic Challenge and raise funds to help people live with dementia. 

Special Thanks and Recognition

Massive THANKS to Nick Mellors and Innovation Nottinghamshire for sponsoring the boat name.

Thank you to the Renaissance at Kelham Hall and all the staff.

Thank you to everyone who has supported, and continues to support Oar Blimey.