Oar Blimey chat with Jason Fox about Ocean Rowing

It's 'Foxy' off the TV

Team Oar Blimey recently had the pleasure of meeting Jason Fox, the TV presenter and former UK Special Forces soldier best known as staff member Foxy on SAS: Who Dares Wins.

Foxy spoke candidly to George and Russ about his mental health struggles after being medically discharged from the military with PTSD.  He explained how he was on the verge of literally jumping off a cliff to end his life before he joined his Team Essence mates to row across the Atlantic. You can read all about Foxy’s struggles in his book ‘Battle Scars’.

George, Foxy and Russ

Let's talk Ocean Rowing

Foxy was part of a 5-man crew who became the fastest crew to row across the Atlantic Ocean non-stop and unsupported from mainland Europe to South America in 2016.  It only took them 50 days!  They set off from Lagos in Portugal, which is 30 miles from Sagres where Oar Blimey are starting from.  Foxy took the time to share some really valuable information with George and Russ.

Ocean rowers will know Portugal isn’t a traditional starting point for Atlantic crossings and George was inquisitive as to why Team Essence opted for this.  When you consider the teams elite military backgrounds, Foxy’s response came as no real surprise….“If you’re going to f***ing do something, you do it f***ing properly and you don’t take shortcuts!” 

When George asked about his memories of the row, Foxy described how they were battered by strong winds, capsized three times in 20ft high waves and were stalked by a menacing shark.

Foxy with Team Essence in 2016

Charity work

It was interesting being able to discuss other issues with a fellow and experienced rower.  They raised over £100k for the NSPCC and continue to raise money for charity.  Foxy’s a mental health ambassador and he spoke about the difficulty of raising money to provide help where it’s needed the most.   The boys explained they were focusing on dementia and were supporting Our Dementia Choir and Ladybrook Enterprises Help at Hand.

One last question

Foxy was an incredible guy, full of great stories and rowing experience.  The final question to him from our boys….“Would you do it again or row another ocean?”  Foxy replied “No, I wouldn’t.  Personally I’ve done that.  Anyone setting out to row an ocean must be f***ing mad.  But if your determined to do it, it’ll be gruelling, it’ll be tough, but you’ll have an amazing life changing experience to talk about once you’ve done it”.

Partner with us, sponsor us or simply donate – every bit of your help and support is extremely welcome and will help Oar Blimey complete the Atlantic Challenge and raise funds to help people live with dementia. 

Special Thanks and Recognition

Thank you ‘Mansfield Rotary Club’ for your kind and generous donation of £250.  Every penny we raise will be used to help ‘local’ people live with dementia – and this £250 will be used to make a real positive and tangible difference.

Thank you to ‘Foxy’ for supporting Oar Blimey and being brutally honest in what we can expect!  A total legend and an inspiration.