Oar Blimey – We’ve got the boat

Ocean Rowing boats are specialist vessels which are not readily available.  After a year of researching different designs and searching, team Oar Blimey finally managed to get their hands on one.     

Russ and Andrew Baker preparing for the sea trial

Andrew Baker, an ocean rower who completed a solo Atlantic crossing in 2021 was selling his beloved boat Aurelia.  It’s a carbon fibre Rannoch Adventure R20 which is designed to cut through the surf and waves and self-right after capsizing. She is 6.75m long, 1.6m wide and her open deck space is a cosy 2.6m, within which, are 2 rowing positions.  

Andrew Baker with Aurelia

With a successful sea trial off the Isle of Man, George and Russ immediately fell in love with the boat.

Russ says, “She’s simply perfect for taking on the mighty waves of the Atlantic Ocean”.   

Next Steps

With the boat in Oar Blimey’s possession, it’s now heading for a complete refurbishment.  From the electronics to the locker hatch covers; everything will get removed.  

When it’s simply a fibreglass shell, the boat will be ergonomically set out to meet Oar Blimey’s specific needs.  It will be repainted and equipped with critical safety, navigation and communication gear, new rowing positions will be installed and at some point, it will be renamed.  

Any seasoned boater will tell you that renaming a boat without following time-honoured traditions can incur the wrath of Poseidon, the god of the sea.  So, Oar Blimey will be having a customary purging and renaming ceremony at some point soon. Keep up to date with our newsfeed to find out what the boat will be called, where when and how we’re going to do this.

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