Spectrum WASP @ Pine House


Sunday 2nd July 2023




Ransom Wood


Pine House A, Ransom Wood NG21 0HJ

It was all hand on deck as Oar Blimey took the boat along to meet everyone at Spectrum WASP,  a local charity for Children/Young People with Special and Additional Needs.

George, with the help of his lovely wife Linda, took Team Oar Blimey’s Rannoch Adventure R20 Rowing Boat along to Spectrum WASP’s Ransom Wood’s base for all the Children/Young People to see it. 

Wow…what great morning!

There were lots of questions for George to answer as he outlined the scale of the epic 3,500 mile challenge and explained how Russ and him are preparing to tackle it.

We discussed rowing patterns (2 hours rowing then swapping over for 2 hours rest), the importance of the compass and working to bearings, solar panels being used for charging batteries and providing electrical power, desalinating sea water for cooking and drinking…..and we had a good old giggle when George passed the bucket around the group….oh yes…and as we discussed the toilet situation…the speed at which the bucket came back was lightning quick!

The potential wildlife which might be encountered prompted an exciting conversation about dolphins and seabirds and of course…killer whales and sharks attacking the boat!  

It's only a bucket....
This is what the Spectrum WASP team were talking about!!!!

Can we follow you...

Knowing the boat will be tracked across the Atlantic…..a few of the group eagerly downloaded the YB app in readiness.  

Keep an eye on our website as we’ll be putting the live tracker on the website for everyone soon.

Off for a swim now...

After meeting Team Oar Blimey, the Spectrum Wasp group went off for a swimathon in the afternoon and managed a whopping 10.58 Miles!!!! What a totally awesome feat….well done you guys!

Partner with us, sponsor us or simply donate – every bit of your help and support is extremely welcome and will help Oar Blimey complete the Atlantic Challenge and raise funds to help people live with dementia. 

Special Thanks and Recognition

Massive THANKS to Spectrum WASP for inviting Oar Blimey along to meet your children / young adults, carers and staff.  You guys do amazing work in supporting and helping local Children/Young People….and you make everything FUN FUN FUN!  

It’s quite rare to find a group with so much energy and enthusiasm and it’s great to work with like-minded people who want to make a difference, help people and support the local community!

Oh…and we’ll definitely come back to let our wonderful Spectrum WASP followers know how we got on with our Atlantic Challenge…providing the sharks and whales don’t crush the boat and eat us first!