Swing For Dementia & Row Away Party

Let’s set the scene folks…

One hundred years ago a prohibition on alcohol and gatherings forced illegal parties into secret venues, many of which were controlled by gangsters.  At these speakeasy events, the lights were toned down with flickering wicks and lanterns and of course, all the ‘Big Cheeses’ were there.  The food was delightful.  Bootlegger gangsters supplied illicit drinks and cocktails which led to jolly nights of singing and dancing to knockout swing and jazz bands.

Fancy a roaring good time and bit of the old razzle-dazzle?

Then join us to flaunt your feathers, fringes and gangster outfits as we step back into the glamour and glitz of the 1920’s and the golden age of jazz.   With a VIP appearance from Vicky McClure’s Our Dementia Choir and live music from one of the UK’s top roaring vintage jazz and swing bands, The Easy Rollers, you’ll be transported right back into the jolly good times of the prohibition era.

So can you keep a secret…….

Check out The Easy Rollers

…and here’s Our Dementia Choir with Vicky McClure rocking Nottingham’s Splendour Festival in front of 20,000 folks this year…

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Remember….Don’t snitch and we’ll see you real soon!

100% of the proceeds raised from this event will be used to help people live with dementia. 

Webpage images courtesy of The Easy Rollers